Services and Rates

Vision Fore Success (VFS) — ‘Finding One’s Route to Excellence’

Kate works closely with clients on the services below to tailor to your needs. In certain circumstances, she is also willing to discuss pricing based upon both Kate’s and the client’s decision and commitment. The Mental Approach to any sport is of great value and importance…allow yourself the opportunity to get ahead and reach your Peak Performance.


I. Player Development

  • Evaluate current skill level, course management, tournament preparedness, and ability and make appropriate recommendations
  • Focus on the Mental Approach to the game, playing from within, finding the Zone, Visualization, and development of techniques and strategies for top performance
  • Help for players to develop Action Plans/Goal Setting for practice and tournament preparation in conjunction with balancing academics, social, and personal responsibilities
  • Recommend top quality experts to assist in physical fitness, nutrition, sport psychology, and academics
  • Assist in making appropriate recommendations on golf equipment, if needed
  • Mentorship and Counsel from Top Collegiate Player and Former LPGA Tour Player
  • Assist in Mental Training for optimal performance
  • Services do not include swing instruction, but may provide assistance in selection of a swing instructor

II.  College Golf Preparedness (If Applicable)

  • Guide client in creating player resumes; assist in communication strategies with college coaches and the timelines involved
  • Advise and counsel players to identify best fits for their collegiate career and beyond
  • Discuss and educate players on life as a student-athlete, including the ability to balance both academic and athletic expectations
  • Help players reach out to potential colleges and coaches in an appropriate timeline based on NCAA guidelines
  • Assist in identifying Junior tournaments locally, regionally, and nationally that can impact Collegiate Coaches decisions

III.  Golf on Professional Tours (If Applicable)

  • Mentor and Counsel players aspiring to compete at the World Level from a Former LPGA Tour player
  • Educate players on how to prepare and compete at Q-School, and what it takes to qualify and travel the world as a Tour Player
  • Help educate on the various tours available after college and how to become eligible to qualify

IV.  Tournament Competition

  • Assist in planning and preparing for Tournament competition (e.g. best Junior Tournaments to play in at a local, regional, and national level)
  • Attend and evaluate player’s post-tournament performance; craft recommendations for overall improvement
  • Help player understand the importance of playing quality tournaments and which ones are the best fit based upon skill level, in order to put the player in an optimal position to succeed in collegiate golf

V.  Life Skills

  • Goal Setting, Competition, Academic Achievement, Tournament Play, and the necessary Balance among Competing Priorities
  • Communication and Follow-up
  • How to play within yourself and succeed through visualization and mental training

There will be no swing training or swing lessons with VFS. VFS may assist the client in finding a swing coach if student/player is in need of one


Effective March, 2016

Vision Fore Success (VFS) offers several programs* — each one individually customized to meet a player’s specific needs

Give VFS and Kate Hughes a try!!! Mental Training/Coaching is the key to breaking through to the next level. Reach out and see your game improve from the inside–out!!

  • Year Long Commitment/Program – $5,000
  • Six-month Commitment/Program – $2,500
  • Individual Initial Assessment and Consultation (Day Program) – $750 (plus course fees)
  • Hourly on Course – $125 with a minimum of 3-hour commitment (due to optimal success)
  • Boot Camp (2 to 3 players over 2 days) – $1,500 per player (plus course fees)
  • One-on-One meeting off-course for Counsel and Mentoring only — $100 per hour (minimum of 3 hours is optimal)
  • Web Based consultation (Skype/Face Time) – $100 per hour (minimum of 3 hours is optimal)
  • Speaking Seminar $200 per hour (typically the $200 covers the hour long discussion and Kate sticks around to answer questions–included)
  • ‘Wine and Mind Seminar’ – $75 a person (Minimum 5 Attendees) for 2 hour overview of Mental Preparedness, Mental Imagery, Course Management and Positive Thinking — to be held at a Host Home with Host providing food and Wine (determined during planning discussion) — Host Home will be exempt from fee.
  • VFS offers customized programs for all players and/or groups. VFS will work with player or lead planner to determine value of the program and needs of the individual, small group or larger group. Payment will be due prior to start of program agreed upon by VFS and player(s).

Terms of Payment                                                                                                            The Annual, Six-month, Boot Camp, Day, or Hourly Programs begin upon receipt of the full fee in advance.

One-on-one and Web-based programs will begin upon receipt of the full minimum of 3 hours advance fee received.

Minimum Retainer                                                                                                                A client who chooses the Hourly Program may pay up front for as many hours as they would like to commit to. Pre-paid hours expire 1 year after purchase.

Travel Expenses                                                                                                              Clients may incur additional fees to cover applicable travel time and related expenses for meetings conducted more than 100 miles from Aliso Viejo, CA. Airfare, rental car, gas, hotel, and incidental expenses will be reimbursed by the client. Meals will be charged to the client at $50 per day, and mileage will be calculated based on the current IRS tax codes. These charges will only be incurred by the client if travel must occur outside 100 miles (e.g. watching client play in a tournament as part of a program).

Transfer Option                                                                                                                     If within first 4 hours of the Hourly Program a client decides to upgrade, they may opt for the Annual or Six-month Program and pay the applicable difference at that time.

Program definitions and what is included:

Initial Assessment and Consultation (Day Program)                                                  Full-day meeting includes observation of client warm-up at the range or warm-up area; up to 18 holes of golf and lunch; game assessment; junior golf overview; college student-athlete discussion; discussion on preparing player’s resume if applicable;  professional tour overview; client interview; Q and A opportunity; written summary with recommendations; and several follow-up calls/emails within two weeks of the meeting. Fee may be applied as a credit towards any other VFS program within first 30 days if client chooses to upgrade to another program.

Year-Long Commitment/Program and Six Month Commitment/Program               Includes all services plus a minimum of 2 tournament evaluation days for Yearlong Program and 1 minimum tournament evaluation day for 6 Month Program. Also, there will be on-course play evaluation every 3 months. Open communication through email and/or Skype and assistance in preparing college players resume–if applicable. 

Boot Camp                                                                                                                          Two to three players and Kate Hughes for a 2 day “Boot Camp.” This enables teams to have a couple of their players be evaluated together.  Included:  9 holes of golf each day, overall analysis of each player’s approach, game, and course management skill sets; Lunch with discussion about Life as a Collegiate Student-Athlete; Discussion about tournament golf and how to prepare; Goal setting; brief discussion of a player’s resume for collegiate coaches to review, and follow-up correspondence with an overall summary of each player within 2 weeks.

Hourly Program (Customized based upon Player–Adult or Young Player)               Includes up to 18 holes of golf with assessment of approach, game and course management skills; Lunch with Goal setting discussion; how to prepare for tournament play; brief discussion of a player’s resume for collegiate coaches to review; and talk around Life as a Collegiate Student Athlete and how Mental Training and Visualization can help player achieve optimal performance. A Summary will be prepared and emailed within one week of Program completion.

One-on-One meeting off course or Web-based Consultation (Customized based upon Player–Adult or Younger Player)                                                                  Program will be set up in advance with a time-frame agreed upon (minimum of 4 hours–can be split up over several days).  Includes (based upon time-frame agreed upon) — Initial discussion of overall game and player’s approach to tournaments; Goal-Setting discussion; Education of what to expect as a Collegiate Student/Athlete; Counsel on Mental Training, Visualization, and overall importance to optimal performance; the importance of a Player’s Playing Resume and advice in preparing one for collegiate coaches to review; Assistance in the importance of Junior Golf tournaments and which ones to compete in locally, regionally, and nationally; and discussion about what it takes to become a Professional Tour Player

Speaker Seminar Seminar will be discussed during planning discussion to focus on ultimate goals of the group, individual or organization seeking seminar. Length of Speaking Seminar will be between 90-120 minutes. If the request if for a longer Seminar, lead contact and VFS will determine an agreed upon fee for services based on time.

‘Wine and Mind Seminar’                                               Lead contact and VFS will discuss and agree upon goals, topics and overall needs during planning. Host Home will be exempt from fee for Seminar but will provide modest food (munchies and/or predetermined menu) and modest wine. Host may ask attendees to bring their favorite beverage to help alleviate cost. Attendees will pay the agreed upon fee for VFS prior to start of Seminar. Seminar will be 90-120 minutes with Q and A to follow. If lead contact requests more time, VFS and lead contact will determine an agreed upon fee per attendee based upon services and length of time for Seminar that falls outside of the window of 90-120 minutes.


If cost is a concern, reach out regarding various options. First and foremost is helping the player reach his/her Peak Performance and achieve their ultimate goal.



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