I want to take this opportunity to share a very important segment of golf…..Visualization (a.k.a. Mental Imagery)

A Key to Success on the golf course is Using your mind!! THINK!!!…before your shot!  The ultimate mind game.  This is a very important part of your game and something that should be practiced…just as you stand out there and hit balls, chip and putt to practice. The true bottom line….’What you think, is what you get!’

There is plenty of research out there supporting the importance of Mental Imagery in every sport….even in daily life!

Not only can you Visualize that awesome shot before you even swing…you can THINK about how the gallery is going to respond to your impressive shot. I have been there and experienced the incredible result of ‘seeing’ in my mind’s eye!

It is time to use your brain to improve your game, achieve your goals and reach your Peak Performance! Close your eyes and image the ball going right where you want it to go!! You will be amazed at the result.

Let Kate and VFS help you learn how to Visualize!!



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