A 9 Year Old Boy’s Take on Golf Channel

So, I ran into a little boy and his family while eating lunch today. We started a conversation and he asked what my favorite sport was. Well of course I said Golf!! His response…”Golf, is that the Grass Channel??” My reply, “You mean the Golf Channel?” The 9-year-old says, “I guess. So you like to watch grass grow?? And there is a channel to do that!?!”

Well, I feel I am now educated on the Golf Channel and what it is really about…..grass and how it grows!!!! Oh, and by the way, his favorite sport is Soccer!!! I just had no come back!! But I realize, I have lots to do to educate our young athletes!!


1 thought on “A 9 Year Old Boy’s Take on Golf Channel

  1. My response – “Golf is kinda like soccer but instead of 100 yards, a golf course is 7000 yards. Instead of a really big ball, we have this tiny little ball that can go farther than 300 yards. Instead of kicking it with our feet we use clubs to hit the ball into a tiny little hole instead of a huge net. And we don’t have just 1 goal, we have 18. The hardest thing about golf compared to soccer, is that you have to do all this by yourself so it takes a lot of hard work and concentration because if you mess up, you don’t have anyone to blame or help you. Wanna try it?”

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