A 9 Year Old Boy’s Take on Golf Channel

So, I ran into a little boy and his family while eating lunch today. We started a conversation and he asked what my favorite sport was. Well of course I said Golf!! His response…”Golf, is that the Grass Channel??” My reply, “You mean the Golf Channel?” The 9-year-old says, “I guess. So you like to watch grass grow?? And there is a channel to do that!?!”

Well, I feel I am now educated on the Golf Channel and what it is really about…..grass and how it grows!!!! Oh, and by the way, his favorite sport is Soccer!!! I just had no come back!! But I realize, I have lots to do to educate our young athletes!!


Rules Change in 2015

Looks like there may be a rules change coming straight from the Old Course in Scotland and the USGA. There is talk in changing the rule of when you address the ball and it moves…..currently its a penalty, but they are thinking about changing that rule. Stay tuned to the new verbage and the decision.

Welcome to In The Game…

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Keep Smiling and Always Believe